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Process Lasso Crack is the system optimization software through which you can get the improvement in the performance of your PC. It has multiple algorithms that it uses to improve the performance of the computer and retain the responsiveness when the computer has much load. It has ProBalance algorithm that reduces the priority of the troublesome background to improve the PC responsiveness. The algorithm is simple, easy to understand and accurate. Therefore, provide the exact responsiveness metric.

Process Lasso Pro v12.3.2.20 Crack and Patch Final Free Download

It works on the special responsiveness metrics that help to check the process activity. Through it, you can automate the system settings using CPU affinities and persistent process priorities. By the use of ProBalance optimization technology, it maintains the working of the computer during excessive workload. For all the real-time applications it keeps check on processing and ensure all optimal performance. It has an Idle saver tool that saves power when the system is not in use. Audit system activity resent by the use of which it logs and audit launches the different process activities. It is a safe and tested app that give you reliable results.

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For those who want to check the performance of their PC and want that their system runs smoothly then Process Lasso is the best tool. If you need the premium version then it’s good to have Process Lasso Pro crack in your system. It is 100% reliable and there is no fear of damage to the system programs. Download the Process Lasso license key confidently to avail the premium features of the Process Lasso. It is an excellent source that keeps your computer performance proper and helps the optimization of your system. Don’t hesitate and download in your system. The procedure to download is very simple. Just click on download and complete the procedure within a few minutes.

The quick start guide is present so that after installing you can easily learn about tools and their features.

What’s New in Process Lasso?

  • Real-time system performance tools are improved
  • Disallow select process feature added
  • Bugs are fixed
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Automated updates available


  • Automate process settings
  • Auto restart mission-critical processes
  • Unattended install and headless configuration
  • Monitor real-time servers responsiveness
  • Manages the system by managing the host process
  • Auto-terminate list present
  • Instant count limits
  • Multiple select process context menu
  • Select multiple processes to act at one time
  • The separate graphical user interface
  • Lightweight native C++ code
  • INI configuration for easy on-demand changes
  • Quick start guide present for Windows users.
  • Limit per process by CPU
  • Hyperthreaded core avoidance
  • Trim the working set
  • Gaming processes
  • Restart the selected process if they terminate
  • Log the occurrence
  • Extensive documentation
Process Lasso Crack

System Requirements

  • Windows XP,7,8,8.1 or 10
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GHz processor

How to Install?

To install the Process lasso crack/ you have to follow the procedure given below

  1. Click on download
  2. Open the setup
  3. Run the exe file
  4. Generate the product key
  5. Done!

Now keep your system optimized through this app. It is the best solution to maintain the performance of your computer system.

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